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Sunday Morning

We invite you to worship with us this Sunday. If you have any questions or needs while you’re with us, just stop by the Welcome Table. We’d love to meet you.

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What to Expect

We want you to come as you are. God calls men and women of all races, cultures, political persuasions, and economic backgrounds to become one in Christ. Here’s what you can expect when visiting:

  • Each service lasts about 60-75 minutes.

  • We provide free childcare for children—from newborns to fifth graders.

  • People at our gatherings usually wear what feels comfortable for them. For many, that's jeans and a collared shirt or t-shirt. Feel free to come as you are.

  • We preach the Bible book-by-book. We believe the Bible tells a gripping story that can both explain and solve life's problems.

  • Our music includes elements of rock, pop, bluegrass, folk, and other styles. Some songs are joyful, some are sorrowful, and all of them are about the truth of God’s gospel. We write some of our own songs, and we also play arrangements of classic hymns and modern worship songs.

We would love for you to join us. We have ministries available for the entire family, and we welcome the opportunity to involve your gifts and talents as we serve our community.

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Membership at Sojourn is not a formality, but a meaningful two-way commitment. On your part, it is a commitment to our family. On Sojourn's part, it is a commitment to you.

Membership Class

The first step to becoming a member (or simply learning more about what we believe) is to attend one of our quarterly membership classes. You can look for upcoming membership classes on our events page.

Membership Interview

Following your membership class, you’ll be invited to meet with a leader for a membership interview. Don’t worry—this is simply a time for us to get to know your story more personally and answer any questions you may have about our membership covenant.

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What is baptism?

Baptism is a public profession of a restored relationship with God through faith in Jesus.

Who should be baptized?

Anyone who has made a genuine profession of faith should to be baptized (Matthew 28:18-19). We would love to walk with you as you take this opportunity to announce the change that has taken place in your life and proclaim that Jesus paid the penalty for your sins.

If you haven’t made a commitment to Jesus, we would still love to hear from you. We can answer questions and talk more about what it means to be a Christian.

How do I get baptized?

The first step toward baptism is attending a baptism class. These are usually offered several times per year. Attending this class won't obligate you to be baptized—it's just an opportunity to learn more about the symbolism of baptism and have a pastor walk with you as you consider your next step.

When someone chooses to be baptized, we will all celebrate and participate in the baptism together during a Sunday morning service a few weeks after the class.

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