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Get Help with Giving

Sojourn is supported by the generosity of its members and mission partners who want to see gospel proclaimed in the greater Louisville area and beyond.

Contact Us

For help or questions about giving, please email us.

Ways to Give

Automatic Bill Pay is a great way to give regularly to Sojourn. In addition, it saves Sojourn transaction and credit card processing fees! That means 100% of your gift goes toward the mission of Sojourn.

Set-up Instructions For Automatic Bill Pay:

  1. Log in to your bank account online and set up a new automatic payment. (Each bank is set up differently—if you have trouble with this step, we recommend contacting your bank directly.)

  2. Enter your church's name.

  3. Enter our address: 12001 W US Hwy 42, Goshen, KY 40026.

  4. If you're giving for a campaign, enter the name of the campaign as the memo.

  5. In the account number field, please include your phone number and "Sojourn North."

  6. Choose the right dollar amount and frequency.

  7. Confirm your choices.

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